Dying Alone? It’s Time to Change That Belief

I know “we come into this life alone and we go out alone” is conventional wisdom for the kinds of practice we do. In some ways it seems obvious, but I saw it in a newsletter last week and said to myself, “That’s not really true!”

I’m beginning to remember help forming my body when I was in the uterus. It’s vague, but it feels right when I say it while saying I was alone feels wrong. I’m pretty sure there were people on the soul side that supported my birth. I’m positive there were people on the physical side from my conception until my birth!

Similarly, with dying. I expect some of the beings I love to be around when my body dies. I hope physical friends will be there. I expect a few of the Sidhe. And there are many other soul allies and members of the team I work with for healings. Some may be limited to the physical, but I think others will be able to go with me into wherever my soul goes next. There will be psychopomps to carry me between and I expect friends and allies to meet me on the other side. I don’t expect to ever be alone.

Sometimes we die alone as far as physical companions go, but soul companions will still be around. It’s time to rethink this notion of being born and dying alone.


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2 thoughts on “Dying Alone? It’s Time to Change That Belief

  1. Mark Lawrence

    I agree with your basic premise, quite strongly in fact.

    But when I read this, my immediate reaction was “The veil is starting to really come down for Tom.” Based on my knowledge, that means either you’re getting close to death, or the rules on the Earth are starting to change.

    1. Tom Blaschko Post author

      Hi Mark,

      Death is always one of the possibilities, of course. We’ll have to wait a while to see if that is the cause. However, in favor of my continued life is the following: I’ve working hard to learn shamanic practice in this body since 2014. (Seems much longer, somehow. Of course, there were previous lives, too.) One of the shamanic practices we work on is sending souls that are leaving or out of bodies to where they need to go next. We get the meet the beings who do the actual guiding on the other side. So I share the knowledge of that part of the veil with dozens of people I know. I see no evidence that knowing about both sides of the veil leads to shorter lives.

      Beyond that, yes, the world is changing. One of my intentions is to bring about the realization that there is more to life than the physical. We humans can be powerful beings. If we know something is there, sat on the other side of the veil, we can come up with ways to find out what it is. And we have! Shamanic training is one of the ways, but there are many others that people are pursuing. For example, near-death experiences, which are all about who we meet as we are dying, are widely accepted these days.