Storing Life Force

Information Storage

I thought I would pose a question today about storing life force.

David Spangler, a leader in Incarnational Spirituality, has a meeting every day where he spends one minute with others to appreciate the life around us, organic or not. I look for him almost every day. You will want to join us. Here’s a link to the article where he describes the practice. []

Today, at that meeting, I was thinking about all the beings around my house that provide storage for us. Looking around the room I saw bookshelves, dressers, desks, computers, and imagined the computer’s connection to data storage in the cloud. As I walked around the house, I found a refrigerator, walls where family pictures were hanging, shelves with mementos, waste baskets, and recycling bins.

The whole list is down at the bottom because I want you to get to the question before you get tired of reading.

It took much more than a minute.

Looking at the places and how they relate to our realities, I realized there is an imbalance:

Physical reality: Many containers to store physical goods. Even the house as a whole is one of those. Plenty of these.

Soul reality: Many containers to store information, some connected to places outside the home. Plenty and a half of these.

But life force in soul reality is made up of information and energy. So, here’s the question for you: Where do we have a place to store energy? I don’t think I found any.

We may get energy because of various things: family portraits, mementos of past joys and discoveries, and maps to places of power. But are these things ways to store energy itself or are they connections we can use to return to places where we found energy? Energy is energy, but connections to energy are information. They are not the same. I think we mostly store information about the connections and not the energy itself. At least, that was my experience today.

I’d be pleased to hear your thoughts. And you can include answers to the bonus question, which I think is central to many of the problems in the world today: Why don’t we have places to store energy? I’ll have more to say about that next time. In the meantime, here’s the list of the storage places I found at my place. Books on the bookshelves, closets, cupboards, filing cabinets, pantries, medicine cabinets, towel racks, attics and basements, storage sheds, woodhouses, laundry baskets, surfaces where we display our treasures, armoires, walls and all the things hanging on them, chests that brought our ancestors goods from the old country, shelving for CDs and DVDs (except most of that is on our phones, computers, or in the cloud now), boxes and tins and plastic containers where we store our food. There are more things, too, but that’s the list I made as part of David’s minute (actually 20 minutes) today.


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