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When we add these four concepts about souls to the Western view of the world, we can explain almost everything that happens in physical and spiritual reality:

  • We all have souls.
  • Souls are divided into parts and each part performs a different function.
  • Beyond the four physical forces, there is a life force.
  • Souls use the life force to power themselves and connect with other souls.

Soul Regions

Energy Region: our deep connection to a mix of positive and negative energy.
Wish Region: an expression of who we want to be.
Will Region: how we turn our wishes into reality.
Heart Region: power for our connections with others.
Voice Region: communication with other beings in ordinary and non-ordinary reality.
Mind Region: three processes — sensing, sorting, and thinking.
Info Region: connection to the information in the universe.
I-Am: the boundary that separates you from everything else.

When we learn to feel the souls that are in all of us — in everything — we escape from the illusion of isolation. We can heal and grow.

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