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We All Have Souls explains how souls and life force help us understand of ourselves and the world more deeply. We live in physical reality and soul reality. Our lives are better when that knowledge is part of who we are.

With soul regions we can better understand how we relate to other people. Events that physical reality has trouble explaining are easier to understand. Theories of psychology, psychiatry, and sociology become clearer when viewed in soul reality. Healing through energy work is easier to explain. Martial artists enhance their practice. There are lots of reasons to pay attention to our souls.

Beyond that there are scientific anomalies that can’t be explained with the current four physical forces. Including a life force solves the problem. Examples include Richard Sheldrake’s Sense of Being Stared At and the whole field of parapsychology.

We invite your support and comments on the work.

We All Have Souls
39129 264th Ave SE
Enumclaw, WA 98022

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