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Reflexology and Tracking

This discussion has a lot to do with soles, as in the soles of your feet. I’m not sure if it has a lot to do with souls. I’ll talk about that at the end.

I just finished reading The Science and Art of Tracking by Tom Brown, Jr. Tom is America’s most acclaimed tracker and teacher of tracking skills. When Tom was seven, his grandfather, Stalking Wolf, an Apache elder, shaman, and scout, began teaching Tom the skills of tracking, wilderness survival, and awareness. The book talks about those teachings. It includes Continue reading and add your comment

Ordinary and Extraordinary

In September 2015 I was in Albuquerque for a recreational therapy conference. One afternoon I took a walk out in the desert and came across an “ordinary” rock. It was, maybe, 20 feet high, about 40 feet up a cliff. From one angle it had a very human-like appearance, with a clear head and upper body. It was looking out over a large valley that was Native American land.

It offered me its job.

It turns out that its job was watching over the valley, not so much doing as just observing, reporting, and, perhaps, gathering the life force there and sending it to other beings that needed it. Positive life force was being created there all the time so there was a lot of life force to send.

It was a very tempting job. Continue reading and add your comment

Unconditional Love

I’ve always wondered about the concept of unconditional love. Isn’t it just a set-up for one person to control another? Is there a way for it to be healthy?

The usual statement goes like this, “If you just showed me unconditional love, then everything would be all right.” That is often best translated to, “You have to let me do whatever I want — even if it really hurts you.” It’s a controlling, negative Will statement.

I now have a different idea about unconditional love. Here’s how the idea can work.

In unconditional love the positive life force from the Heart continues to flow Continue reading and add your comment

Where Did the Road Go?

Where Did the Road Go?

Where Did the Road Go?

Seriah Azkath hosts a weekly show on strange phenomena and non-ordinary reality. Tom Blaschko was his guest on 24 May 2014. You can hear Toms views on the soul and related topics on the show website. For more of Tom’s thoughts on souls and the life force, check out the Calculating Soul Connections website.

Calculating Soul Connections

Calculating Soul Connections, a book about the soul, the life force, and how they fill in some of the missing pieces in our all-to-physical view of the world, will go to press 21 December 2012. It will be available in early 2013.

For those who don’t remember the exact dates, this is the first day of the new Mayan calendar when Kukulkan, the snake deity, returns to start an age of spiritual enlightenment. For more information check this Huffington Post Article or this discussion from SERI-Worldwide.