Compassionate Depossession

There are two parts of compassionate depossession: depossession and compassion.

Depossession comes from the realization that it is possible for other souls or spirits to join with our soul. Sometimes the other beings want control of what we do. Other times they are lost and hurting — just looking for a safe place to hide. The problem is that even the beings that are just looking for safety can bring some negative things into our lives.

The compassionate part looks for ways to remove the possessing beings gently. It is very different from exorcism, where the being is treated as a demon and cast into the fiery pit of hell. For some, probably understandable, reason they don’t want to go and can put up quite a fight. What Betsy has seen is that most of the beings are not trying to cause harm. They are happy to move on because there are much better places for them to be. Compassionate depossession is all about finding those places.

For more details read Betsy’s thoughts about compassionate depossession on her website ( It’s an excellent article originally published in Sacred Hoop (, a magazine covering spiritual topics.

If your path is moving in shamanic directions, compassionate depossession is one of the things to learn more about.


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