The energy part of the life force brings energy into regions of the soul. The regions use the energy to act. With energy a region can do something. Without energy it can’t do anything.

I know of two ways for energy to get into a soul region. It can come from other soul regions or it can be pulled freeform from the universe.

Energy that is shared between regions in the soul can come up through the Energy region and move through the rest of the soul. It can also come from being around other people.

Energy from the universe is less clear. If you believe that all that exists has a soul, then the energy from the universe is really from another soul. If you believe there is energy outside of souls, and there certainly can be, you can get energy from those places, too. Shamanic traditions talk about energy from the lower world.

The good news is that there is always enough energy somewhere. There may be some limit to the amount of energy, but humans aren’t going to use more than a tiny bit of it.

The real problem is whether we can access the energy. Hoocha can stop us reaching the positive energy we need. Traumas damage our connections between soul regions, both within our own soul and between our soul and another soul. Other beings can steal energy from us. They can also fill us full of negative energy, which has an even worse effect. All of these result in having too little positive energy.

The good news is that there are ways to reduce hoocha, heal our souls, and reduce the negative effects of other beings.


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