The information part of life force moves ideas from one place to another. What moves from one place to another through the Voice region is expressed in words. In the Heart region, it’s feelings. In the Mind, it’s ideas.

As with energy, we get information from many sources. We may get it directly from the universe. We definitely get it from other beings. I think most of the information we get comes through Voice. It may also move directly between Heart regions or Mind regions.

We use the information to decide what directions we want to go to meet our wishes. A wish is usually pretty simple. How we accomplish our wishes may take a lot of thought. We may have to try several ways before we find one that works after getting input from all the regions of the soul.

Hoocha can make the situation more difficult. It can cloud the Mind so that possible solutions can’t be found. Calling on the hoocha stars can clear out the hoocha and let us look at a wider range of possibilities.


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