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It’s the Gift You Got

by Perry Edwards 2/24/17

It’s the gift you got
now like it or not
one soul with you
and your body crew

So now jump for joy
every girl and boy
that soul in you
helps you know what to do

When you scream and shout
jump and let it all out
your soul’s running that show
not your body bro

Big emotional scene
your soul’s coming out clean
but when you’re walking around
that’s your body machine

Down at the body shop
you can chew gum and walk
or on a really bad day
just do a face plant flop

But that’s not your soul
so you ought to know
have a dream or two
your soul’s talking to you

If you’re happy or sad
that’s not good or bad
that’s the soul you got
it don’t think a lot

So take a soul review
let your body rest a few
as your soul comes out
you won’t have much doubt

For it’s the gift you got
hanging around your spot
God gave it to you
makes your wish come true


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