Life Force

Life force goes by many names. In Japanese it is ki and shows up in martial arts (ai-ki-do, for example) and healing (rei-ki). Chinese use the word chi or qi, as in tai chi or qi gong. The Hindus call if prana. Christians say grace or, perhaps, the Holy Spirit. It has sometimes shown up in the fringes of Western psychology, such as Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone energy. The Inca medicine people use the word kausay. There are probably a thousand more words and subclasses of these words. But they are all talking about aspects of the same thing: life force.

This life force I am proposing is in addition to the four physical forces. In our lives, they exist. Life force exists, too, but we often get too caught up in the physical to see it. This is especially true in the last 400 years where we have made great advances in defining what goes on in the physical world.

The physical forces aren’t the focus of this site. To prove we have souls we only need to talk about the life force. There is the related concept of hoocha that needs to be understood. Then there are the two parts of life force: energy and information.


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