Hoocha is everywhere.

When we fight with our family — hoocha. When we get drunk or stoned and do something stupid — hoocha. When we pollute the air or water because we don’t care — hoocha. When we suppress, oppress, terrorize, or otherwise harm other nations — big hoocha — and probably a lot of negative life force, too.

So what does hoocha feel like?

Let’s say you want to play the guitar. Hoocha is like having chewing gum on the strings. Let’s say you’re looking for an off ramp on the freeway. Hoocha is like fog keeping you from seeing where you are going. If you want to hike along a trail, hoocha is like the mud that clings to your boots. If you are flying in an airplane, hoocha is like volcanic ash getting into your engines.

It’s stuff that gets in the way when you want to do something. There can be a little bit or a lot. It can stop you completely or just be a minor annoyance. The fog can be a thin mist or so heavy you can’t see the front of your car. The mud can be in a few spots or a continuous slog through gunk up to your waist.

Notice that hoocha is not negative life force trying to do you harm. It’s just stuff that is getting in the way. One significant aspect of hoocha is that it hangs around until something removes it.

I have found beings in the world that can do that. One possible image is thousands of little star-like beings flying around nibbling on hoocha related to information and shining brighter with every bite. Another is earthworm-like beings eating through the hoocha related to energy. The hoocha goes away and your roots have tunnels to reach the energy you need. It helps when you can see your hoocha and direct the appropriate being to a particularly troublesome chunk. At the very least say please and thank you to them.


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