Healing Our Soul

I’m working on two books related to souls. One is on the basic of souls and ways we can prove souls exist. I’m calling that one We All Have Souls and I Think I Can Prove It. The second book doesn’t have a name yet, but my intent is to work with several other people to describe ways that we can heal our souls.

There are other books that I plan to work on. They will be with people who have experience in many different fields.

One set will look more deeply at the proofs of souls. I’m hoping to take a deeper look at morphic resonance, reincarnation, and martial arts. These will be introductions to research about souls.

The second set will look at ways we can grow our souls. These books might look at shamanism, the Inca medicine people, energy healing, conjure, witchcraft and witchery, communications with fairy and nature spirits, and co-creating with the Sidhe. These will feature ways to heal and grow.

I don’t have any coauthors in place, so if you are interested in helping with a book or know someone who might be interested, please let me know. Writing, reviewing, or just giving us ideas will be appreciated.

I’m planning on small books that introduce an area. They will have lots of information about where the reader can go next to do serious research or practice. One of the lessons I’ve had a lot of experience with is that almost everything meaningful that we do requires lots of practice. I hope to convey that in the books.

So in this newsletter I thought I would offer one of the healing ideas. It’s an evaluation of the current state of your soul. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m curious how it will be received. Your feedback will help make it better.

It’s on the We All Have Souls website as Soul Evaluation under the Healing tab in the menu. Here’s the link.

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