Fire of Creation

Last time I shared the Cloak of the Angels from Orion Foxwood. You can see that blessing here. Being a shamanic kind of guy, I wondered about a similar blessing from the lower world.

I created several. I use them and they seem to help, but I don’t think any are quite right yet. Please help to create a blessing that gives us the energy we need to bring our good intentions into being in the middle world. Suggestions are appreciated. I’ll report on them here.

Here’s one that is very similar to the Cloak of the Angels.

I call up the fire of creation,
Call up as a blue fire of might
Filling, powering, protecting ______
By day and by night.

Here is another.

I call up creator’s fire,
To power our/your/my making, power our/your/my way.
Let it fill both Will and Heart.
Bless and guard us night and day.

For all of these, the physical movements for the first two lines are reaching into the lower world and — in soul reality — raising the holy fire of creation from below. The next lines bring the power into the person or group receiving the blessing. Fill in the blank with the recipient. My vision is seeing the person full of the fire, which powers what he or she is trying to do for the highest and best good. You can do this in person or at a distance.

I see the fire two different ways. Orion suggests it is blue, and I can see it that way. I also see it as shiny black — hard to describe. The best words I have are a photo negative of the shining of an angel. It’s not the heavy black of hoocha or other bad feelings. It’s actually very bright — and black at the same time.


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One thought on “Fire of Creation

  1. Mike Panian

    Hiya Tom,

    I am enjoying and supporting you as you pursue your work of the Soul. Its really interesting to see how you are developing as a human being.

    This latest posting of yours has inspired me to tell you a story. When My ex left and I was alone in the South Pacific I was in deep trouble. The breakup had left me emotionally unstable and an additional issue at work was wiping me out. It was a low point in my life.

    I went to bed one night feeling the weight of all of my troubles. I was scared to death. As I entered that grey place between wakefulness and dreaming, where I was still lucid but mostly asleep, I had a vision of an infinitesimally small indestructible black diamond. Everything outside of that diamond was of this world. My body, my brain, my organs, extending outward…all of it was “not me”. That which was “I” was at that moment defined by that indestructible tiny black diamond. With that vision I heard or felt a voice saying “Everything else, all of it can be destroyed but you ( the diamond) cannot be hurt. You will be fine.” The feeling of that diamond resides in me today. It rests in the tanden but extends down and upward into my heart as well. Perhaps I am wrong about exactly where it resides, I am not sure. It may feel like it rests in the tanden because of my education in karate…or it may actually be lower or higher.

    At the time it surprised me that I got help from below, not above and the color of the diamond was shiny black, not glowing light.

    This reminds me of the blessings of the underworld that you are trying to create.