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This continues the discussion of the soul I started last time with a description of the Energy region. You can see the first discussion here. It’s from the current draft of my book We All Have Souls and I Think I Can Prove It.

I’ve included an exercise to help you understand the region better. Your thoughts on the description and the exercise will help the book get better.

Wish Region

The Wish region is what we come into the world with. Any agreements we have from the time before we are born or from previous lives are stored here. The wishes we have express who we want to be. The rest of who we are grows out of these wishes.

Another reason it seems appropriate to call this the Wish region is because what we bring into a life really is just a wish. It can be comforting to think that everything happens to us for a reason, but I don’t see the evidence.

So many things happen to change the course of our lives that it is hard to believe there is anything like a master plan. At best we are here with others who have connecting wishes. Chances come along and we pick the options that seem best at the time. Problems arise and we solve them with what we have available.

The Wish region provides us with an anchor for making decisions. We do best when we remain true to what we want. This is not to say that our wishes stay exactly the same through our whole life. They don’t. What we wish for changes as we learn and grow. When we are hurt by something in life, our wishes change, too. I do think there is a core set of wishes that don’t change much. To understand who we are and live a life we think is successful, we need to find that core.

Traditionally, this has been called the genital chakra. It is usually associated with desire, including sexual desire. In many reincarnation books, authors suggest that less spiritual humans spend lifetimes returning just for sexual pleasure. I think these authors are missing the point. While I think sex is one of the reasons souls made bodies, other aspects of being in a human body are even more important. It goes beyond sex and includes everything in the physical world. Without that basic wish we wouldn’t be here.

So desire is an aspect of this region, but not the primary feature. Desire is the way we signal that we are not meeting the basic needs for staying alive. These include, according to Abraham Maslow , food, water, sleep, shelter, and sex. If we are missing any of these, our Wish region focuses our energy on getting what we need to stay alive.

But Wish goes beyond that. It includes our wishes for relationships with other people. Sometimes these go across lifetimes. It also includes any goals that we bring with us into the world. I believe that each of us is part of some plan that includes more than our life on earth. Our life may not let us follow the plan. We may forget the plan while we are here. But there is hope. I believe we can find our plan when we reach deeply into our Wish region and use it to connect to realities outside of the physical world.

We often think of wishes that want to create something, but sometimes our wishes are to take something apart. Removing something can be a positive wish, too. It’s like taking down an old building to replace it with a newer and better building. The underlying wish is for the new building and taking the old one down is just a step in the process. Wishes are only a problem when they stop with the destructive phase. As we’ll see in the discussion about life force processing in the Wish region, even destructive wishes have a place and must be acknowledged.

The sad thing is that many of us have our wishes crushed by our lives. If we keep any of them, they are the basic ones that involve physical survival and pleasure. Most of our culture denies that our souls exist. Even the parts of the culture that talk about souls don’t have much to say about how you find your wishes. Your wishes don’t have to be the same as what is written in a holy book. Rediscovering the wishes you brought with you into this life means cleaning up a lot of the damage your life has caused. Knowing you have a soul and that it might need some repair is a really good place to start.

Life Force Processing

A wish is like a seed. When we have a wish, it first grows roots. They go down into the Energy region and reach out through the lower world to gather nutrients, water, and energy to power the wish.
Then the wish grows up, just as a seed grows, into the middle world. First it grows into the Will region where we decide if we will make it so. A wish that becomes reality needs the Will’s help to stand strongly against the forces of the outer world. The wish brings the energy through its roots into Will to give Will enough energy to protect the wish.

If the wish needs to connect with other people to become real, it grows into the Heart. The Heart connects with others to bring the wish into the world. It can grow in ordinary or non-ordinary reality. Important wishes grow strong in both.

Wishes run into problems that need solutions. For example, how can I write a book to tell you that we all have souls? When the wish reaches the Mind, the Mind calls on its sources of information in the middle and upper worlds to find ways for the wish to work through problems it has run into.

In my personal example, I search for the right words to explain what I mean. I try to say them with love. I know that there will be many forces working against the message that we all have souls, and I prepare to stand up against them. Why do I do this? Because I have a wish that humans know about souls so we can continue to live well in this physical reality.

In processing the life force, the information content is quite simple, usually a single action and an object: eating food, loving a friend. The Wish region remembers the wishes we have had and whether they were met. It is also the gateway to energy because it calls on the Energy region to provide life force for very specific purposes — your active wishes.

The process can be blocked at any of the levels, but the worst is when it is blocked in the Wish region. The Will may say it isn’t strong enough. The Heart may be receiving messages from others that the wish is wrong. The Mind may be saying that the wish make no sense and should be forgotten.

Sometimes the Wish region can let a wish go. That happens when there is a related wish that can be followed, and it’s often an even better wish.

Other times the wish stays just a wish and never makes it into the world. The Wish region holds it, but the other regions fight it, and the soul is never satisfied. This happens to so many people. For the soul to be satisfied, the wish must be acknowledged and changed into something that can grow.

Changing wishes leads to the topic of dark wishes, wishes that will cause harm to you or someone else. We all have them. They are our shadow side and it is important that we understand our shadow.
As with all wishes, dark wishes need to be acknowledged. If we don’t admit we have them, they sprout up and cause harm that we can’t control. We can’t stop dark wishes, but we can change them.

A wish for harm to someone is almost always a wish for harm to someone “because…”. It could be because the person harmed us, or because the person was in the way of something that we wished for. Harming the person just continues the cycle of bad energy. We are often harmed in return and don’t get any closer to our real wish. We don’t solve the “because” part of the problem and often make it worse.

A better answer is to acknowledge that we want harm to the person, but go beyond that to look at why. The next step is to figure out a way to get what we want without causing harm. That was the real wish that caused the situation and the Wish region will realize that when it is given the possibility. When we see our shadow, we see what we really wish for much more clearly. And we have a much better chance of getting our wishes.

The wish grows in the Wish region and pulls life force energy up from the lower world to power all of the other regions as they work to make the wish real. The Wish region filters the energy we need to accomplish our goals.


This lesson for the Wish region looks at how a wish moves through the other regions of the soul to become reality.

One Minute Exercise
For this, we are going to look at how wishes move from the Wish region to the other regions of the soul. Let’s take a wish that almost everyone has: spending time with your best friend.
There are seven soul regions and the I-Am to consider. For each region, write down one or two answers to the question being asked. To finish the exercise in a minute you have seven seconds for each region. Don’t think too much about your answers and write quickly.

Start by thinking about the favorite thing you do with your friend. For the one-minute exercise, you probably need to concentrate on just one interaction. You can always do the exercise again with other people and with other types of interactions. Going through the questions again at a later time will show you how you have changed.

• Energy: What kind of positive and negative energy do you feel?
• Wish: What other wishes are satisfied when you’re with your friend?
• Will: What parts of the interaction are you in charge of?
• Heart: What feelings are you sharing?
• Voice: You probably talk about wishes. Which of your wishes are discussed? Which of your friends wishes are discussed?
• Mind: What do you think about while you are spending time with your friend?
• Form: What feels right about being with your friend?
• I-Am: How is your interaction with your friend different from your interactions with everybody else?

Usually people say there are no right or wrong answers. But that’s not true here. The right answers are that each of your regions is acting in a way that matches the friendship you wish for. If the regions are not, you have some work to do in figuring out how to get your whole soul working together.


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