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Cleaning Ancestral Lines

Yesterday I ran across a request for speakers from a group that does genealogical research. Normally I think that this really has nothing to do with my work. I do heal ancestral lines, but I don’t need to do the kind of careful research that most people interested in genealogy do.

My work is more like traveling back along the waves of trauma, finding the place that started the hurting, and reshaping the process to find wisdom from the hurt.

Of course, it’s not always a traumatic experience. About a month ago I had an encounter with an ancestor who wanted me to accept his bigotry as my own. I declined, but part of dealing with that wish was looking at why the ancestor felt the way he did and providing him with a less harmful perspective. Continue reading and add your comment

Dirt from the Graveyard

People who practice conjure go to graveyards to retrieve soil from graves. They believe that as the bodies decay, they release their wisdom into the surrounding earth. Over time the wisdom spreads throughout the graveyard. A person’s wisdom is strongest near his or her grave. Taking the soil and honoring it on a practitioner’s altar is a way to tap into the wisdom.

A few years ago, Orion Foxwood, who follows conjure practice, told me that there seems to be less wisdom available in the newer graves. He suggested this might be caused by better coffins Continue reading and add your comment