Ordinary and Extraordinary

In September 2015 I was in Albuquerque for a recreational therapy conference. One afternoon I took a walk out in the desert and came across an “ordinary” rock. It was, maybe, 20 feet high, about 40 feet up a cliff. From one angle it had a very human-like appearance, with a clear head and upper body. It was looking out over a large valley that was Native American land.

It offered me its job.

It turns out that its job was watching over the valley, not so much doing as just observing, reporting, and, perhaps, gathering the life force there and sending it to other beings that needed it. Positive life force was being created there all the time so there was a lot of life force to send.

It was a very tempting job.

I did point out that the climate there was too hot for me. The Rock pointed out that it was a rock. It didn’t care about how hot it was, or how cold either. It made some slightly disparaging comment about humans and their body-centeredness. I had to agree. We talked some more about the joy the Rock had in looking out over the truly beautiful place, both physically and spiritually. “Talked” isn’t quite the right word. It was more like being shown what the job felt like.

I believe that the job offer was real. I could have taken the place of the being in the rock, but that wasn’t really why the Rock made the offer. (It actually liked what it was doing.) The offer was a way to seriously get my attention. It showed me other possibilities of life and love.

In the end, I declined the job. I decided, for now, that I needed to be more active in a very human way. In this life I am here to share these kinds of reports with other humans in the hope that we can learn to honor the earth we have created and all the beings associated with the creation.

On the creation idea, much of what I read takes the view that humans are a lesser form, still in the early steps of learning about both physical and soul realities. I wonder about that. If I understood correctly from what the Rock was saying, and what I hear in reports from other people, we humans are equal partners in creating this physical world. But when we step into our bodies a veil of forgetting covers us. I hope to remove the veil and let our souls contact all the worlds. It really is a marvelous place.

The point I want to make is that both physical reality and soul reality are equally ordinary (or extraordinary). When we get caught in the belief that physical reality is something to be disdained and soul reality is something that is more important beyond all measure, we lose two things. The first is that we are caught in the glamour of spirit beings and lose our ability to stand in our own sovereignty (stand as equal to them). The second is that we lose sight of the miracle we have created in physical reality. To be here, to be solid, and to still be able to reach the spirit worlds is a very powerful achievement. We can honor that in ourselves.

So, there’s my report of an ordinary job interview I stumbled upon while networking. It’s nice to know the job offers are out there. I’ll keep my human research position for now.


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3 thoughts on “Ordinary and Extraordinary

  1. Mark Lawrence

    My own consciousness seems to be incontinuous. I’m pretty sure there are
    time when my body is asleep and my soul just jumps ahead in time a bit to
    skip over it – I’m neither present here nor anywhere else during these
    times, I think. The Buddha reports the same thing, that consciousness is
    not continuous. I suspect the rock spirit had more than one job; I doubt
    that he watches the valley 24/7 continuously for millenia. I suspect he
    peeks at intervals, and sticks around for a while if there’s interesting
    events to observe or work to do.

    Or perhaps we’re both slipping into senility. As scientists, we must allow
    for the possibility that we’re deranged.

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