We All Have Souls

Most people who travel in the non-ordinary ask themselves from time to time, “Is this real?” It’s especially true for those just starting to have non-ordinary encounters.

Our larger culture does not support the non-ordinary. So, we need to form a sub-culture that does. I believe that when the sub-culture gets to be about one billion people, soul reality will be accepted in the culture as a whole. For the good of the planet and the human race we need to get the message to a lot more people.

My current model has five stages for spreading information about soul reality. This is an evolving concept and your thoughts would be appreciated. The stages related to having a soul are: know it, heal it, use it, expand it, and teach it. Let’s look at each.

Know It

The first step is knowing we have a soul. There are personal experiences such as seeing spirits, shamanic journeying, knowing the future, and connections with nature spirits that can be profoundly convincing. But we have a way of losing memories of these events when everyone around us tells us the memories aren’t real. It’s good that we have reproducible experiences like Rupert Sheldrake’s Sense of Being Stared At [http://www.sheldrake.org/research/sense-of-being-stared-at] or his Telephone Telepathy Test [http://www.sheldrake.org/participate/telephone-telepathy-test] to help us hold our belief in something outside of ordinary reality.

For everyone, the first step is to be willing to explore the possibilities of having a soul through personal experiences.

Heal It

The second step is healing the soul. This is emphasized in shamanic work starting with finding a power animal and going on to soul retrieval and depossession. Energy healing, such as reiki, often works with the soul as much as the body. The health of the soul is important is many other parts of soul reality, too.

A healthy soul can do much more than one that is damaged, so we need to continue to heal ourselves for our whole lives.

Use It

There’s not much use in knowing you have a soul if you don’t use it. As I discussed in my previous post [http://weallhavesouls.com/2015/11/24/reflexology-and-tracking/], the point made most often in Tom Brown. Jr.’s book on tracking [https://www.trackerschool.com/] is that we need to practice. In fact, he said we need to practice every moment.

If we are really aware of having a soul, the connections the soul gives us can be there all the time. Sometimes we may need to quiet the soul information, like when we are driving on crowded city streets. Other times, though, the non-ordinary warns us of dangers we can’t see yet. For example, there was the night this bear came charging down a hill and ran in front of my car. I sensed it before I saw it so I slowed down just enough to keep from hitting it.

Expand It

We can’t be complacent and think we know enough or are strong enough. This is an extension of the need to practice. As we practice we improve.

There is so much that has been lost that we need to relearn. There is even more to find out beyond what humans used to know. And, although I am in the minority, I believe humans are able to create abilities for the soul that were never known before.

Teach It

To make the world healthy, we need to increase the number of people who know about their souls. The only way this will happen is if those of us who have experience with soul reality spread the word.

If you have friends who would be interested in having a little bit more support for their explorations of souls, you can help me with my attempts to teach by letting them know they can sign up for my newsletter on the We All Have Souls website [WeAllHaveSouls.com]. Let me know what you are doing and I’ll put that in my newsletter and on the website. By working together, we can change the world.


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