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If you are an explorer, there are many ways you can discover more about soul realities and bring that knowledge into the physical world. We have this glorious chance to experience life. We should put the effort into living well, helping others, and learning the most we can. In this post I want to look at some of the worlds we can explore.

We have our physical world and there are many other worlds out there in soul reality. Each can be explored. My current experience is that we can step between these worlds. They seem to be related to one another, but each has parts that are all its own.

There are no boundaries between these worlds. We aren’t in one or another of them, as far as I can tell. They are all there, all the time. What we can do is choose which parts of reality we focus on.

I believe all of these worlds are part of what shamans call the Middle World. The beings who live in the Middle World, including us, have created a lot here. If you choose to be an explorer of these worlds, there are many places to go.

Let’s look at brief descriptions of some of the worlds I walk in and a few others that I have heard about.

The first is our physical world. I’m not sure I need to say much more about that, since we all share it. I do want to point out that we see echoes of the other worlds here. And things happen in the physical that go beyond the physical forces that are currently accepted. The sense of connection and synchronicity are two of them.

My second world is martial arts. In that world I am sensing the energy and movement of people. Sometimes I am studying how to fight them. Other times I’m looking at how they stand and move as I teach them. It’s a dynamic world of connections between people.

David Spangler talks about the world of Subtle Realms. That world celebrates the life in all that is around us. We have animals and plants and objects in the physical world. In the Subtle Realms each of these has a soul of its own that we can connect with. This part is also known as animism. Beyond animism, there are other beings we work together with to change both worlds. Some are powerful beings with the job of coordinating groups. Walking in that world, I feel the connection between all things and the ways humans can expand to reach other types of beings.

For me, the closest non-physical world is the world of the Sidhe. The parts I can see are similar to our human world. There are buildings, but they are made of “light.” People live and love and work there, just like here. The Sidhe feel like brothers and sisters to me.

There is a related world I call Fairy. This is a bit like the world of the Sidhe and a bit like the Subtle Realms. But it’s wilder and less human. I see it as including jinn, elementals, nature spirits, and other beings that work with or against humans, as they wish. Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster are also part of this world.

There is a world where it is easy to work with angels, devas, and other powerful spirits. But there is another world where we feel the gentle acceptance of Pachamama or Mother Earth. Mother Earth does not seem as gentle as she used to be, so it may be a good idea to work more thoughtfully with her in the future. There are great powers in this world who are willing to be our allies and teachers.

I have walked in the world of stone circles in Scotland, but I haven’t been to the most famous one, Stonehenge, yet. For me, these are places of power where the worlds can be reshaped. They are also places where many types of beings can meet to work with one another. Some are places of teaching.

There are other places of power. They include Uluru in Australia, which I haven’t seen. But they also include the place in Albuquerque I talked about in the chapter on evidence. Michael Dunning introduced me to a similar world where yew trees are the beings who watch over the place and heal or teach those who ask. In those places we can see the world from the point of view of totally different beings.

One important set of worlds where I have spent almost no time belongs to star beings and other ETs with their UFOs and other ways of contacting humans here. There are some beings who are reported as helpers of humans and others who are not kind. They are divided into Grays, Reptiloids, Pleiadians, Cetians, and many other types. This can be a dark world to walk in with many of these beings seen as plotting to dominate humans. Most people who walk in this world see it as a physical place filled with mechanical devices. I suggest the possibility that these beings are closer to the Fairy and the mechanical parts are just how humans translate soul reality into something they can talk about.

Some of the worlds are even less pleasant. There are worlds where negative life force is preferred. Demons live there who want to harm us. My experience is that beings who act in evil ways will choose to work with positive life force when they are reminded that they can. Even so, I stay out of these worlds as much as I can.

The first book I read that talked about many worlds and how they interact with one another was Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld by Patrick Harpur. I think anyone who wants to explore all of the other worlds should read his book. It provides a map, of sorts, that is far better than the list of worlds I describe here. I guess that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since Patrick has a whole book to do what I tried to do in a couple of pages.

What I love best about the whole book is Patrick’s advice on exploring the other worlds, whether we are visiting in Fairy, on an ET’s starship, or the Oregon home of Bigfoot. He says (with his tongue somewhere in the region of his cheek)

Travel light. Don’t believe everything you have been told, either for good or ill. Don’t stay in hotels which replicate your own culture (you may as well have stayed at home). By all means drink the water, but sparingly at first, until you have built up immunity to its foreign properties. Don’t expect the inhabitants to speak your language; rather, try and speak theirs (even stumbling attempts will be appreciated). Observe local customs; respect local gods. Talk less than you listen. Try to see as well as sightsee. Be polite but firm; take advice but do not be gullible. If in doubt, smile. Do not laugh at the natives, but don’t be afraid to laugh. Avoid the black market — you are always liable to be taken for a ride, especially if you think you know better or best, or if you think you can get something for nothing. Barter but don’t haggle. Do not be superior or aloof, but don’t try to dress like a native (it’s embarrassing). Don’t join in the dancing unless you really have learnt the steps. (Remember: you can never become one of them — you can only rejoice in their otherness. Against the odds, there can be fruitful exchange on the basis of mutual strangeness.)

Safe travels.


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