The Devas of Science and Magic 2 — Notes about Healing the Earth

There are pools in soul reality where beings can safely meet. Synchronicity brings the beings together because it is the right time for them to get together. In an ongoing synchronicity, there is information about what the beings need to do and energy to accomplish what needs to be done.

Betsy Bergstrom teaches that after a soul healing we need to let the River of Blessings flow through all the places that were healed. I believe this Pool of Blessings is the headwaters of the River of Blessings. I also believe that a blessing is just what is found here: a safe place to meet and energy and information to make a needed change.

I was in one of those pools with the devas of soul practices like shamanism, conjure, and energy healing. This is another side of the soul retrieval that I described last time []. In physical reality it was about 30 minutes later. In soul reality I don’t know if it is another perspective, or a second and different encounter, or even a redo of the earlier meeting. It doesn’t really matter. Translating from soul reality to physical reality is always inexact.

As I said last time, this was/is/will be a long process. Many things have been done to harm the souls that watch over the ways we connect with soul reality. This is just one of the steps.

The deva of science was there, too. Much of the soul wounding for the devas of soul practices has come from science. But, to be fair, the soul of the deva of science has been hurt by the devas of soul practices, too.

The devas of soul practices were eager to participate in the soul retrieval. The deva of science said it was all nonsense, that there were no souls.

What could I do with a statement like that? Here I was in soul reality with a deva of science who was essentially saying he didn’t exist. That the place he was standing didn’t exist. That the person he was talking to didn’t exist.

This would have been hopeless anywhere else in any of the realities. But we were in a Pool of Blessings, so there was a chance.

The devas of soul practices and I gathered together. Over hundreds of years science and soul practices have fought, causing great harm to the souls of the devas of all of them. Both were in the wrong, at least part of the time because to cause harm in soul reality is always wrong.

We have ways to recover and what we chose was to do a ho’oponopono offering to the deva of science. “We’re sorry for the harm we caused you. We attacked you for using your mind. We struck you when your discoveries caused harm as well as healing. We hated you and made fun of you and tried to tear you down when we could have worked with you. We’re sorry for all of that and every other thing we have done to hurt you. Please forgive us.”

“We love you.”

When you do ho’oponopono, you need to find the part you are responsible for. In every conflict both sides can find some part they are responsible for. You need to sincerely apologize for what you have done, naming it clearly, and ask to be forgiven.

Nothing in this practice says the other side is blameless. Nothing says that either side has to forgive. Nothing says that you have to heal your wounds. This is just a way to find healing if both sides are willing.

We didn’t know if the deva of science would accept our apology, although we hoped he would. That wasn’t the point. We needed to acknowledge our part in the conflict. That is how we heal.

The good news is that we all realized that we were at a crossroad. We had the opportunity to take a different path. And the deva of science chose to walk the path with us. He accepted our apology and made his own ho’oponopono apology, which we accepted. We thanked each other. He joined in the ongoing soul retrieval that the Norns made possible.

As I did in the previous healing, I asked the devas and members of my team for permission to write up this healing. They said yes.

This all happened in a place outside of time and space. The best I can say is that it will be happening in physical reality sometime from a while ago to maybe someday.

You can help. Form whatever side of soul and science you stand on, do ho’oponopono to the other side. Be sincere, detailed, ask for forgiveness, and don’t be afraid to say you love the other. Say thank you.

You can help even more if you do soul retrieval. (If you don’t know how, please learn from a skilled teacher. This world will never be right while we go around with broken souls.) Talk with the devas who oversee your practice, or your land, or your people. The word is out and many will be asking for help getting all their soul pieces back.

There are so many missing pieces! And humans seem to have a gift for finding them. I suspect the gift comes from having so many of our soul pieces broken away. Regardless of the reason why, it is a skill that we can contribute to making the world right and even more wonderful than it now.

Write back and share your stories. We all need encouragement and the feeling that we are part of something that is making a difference.


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