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A Time to Not Forgive

Forgiving is not always the right path. In fact, there are times when the forgiving we have been taught to do is just plain wrong.

I will start with an example of forgiveness that works. Then we’ll look at some of the ways the forgiveness we have been taught actually makes things worse.

Effective forgiving lets an incident fade into the past. While some harm happened to one or more of the people involved, everyone can let it go as something they learned from. No one keeps thinking about all the things they could have or should have done.

How can that happen?

In this discussion I’m going to look at something that happened between two people. Continue reading and add your comment

Cording and Entanglement

Connections to another person that usually don’t help anyone.

Tom Blaschko and Heather O’Connell

Cording or entanglement is a topic that is discussed in many traditions of counseling and healing. With this article I’m hoping to show how using a soul model provides added insight into the dynamics of the interaction. Continue reading and add your comment