Curses of Slavery 2 — Notes about Healing America

[WAHS] Curses of Slavery 2 — Notes about Healing America

This is part 2 of a healing I did. For more information about this kind of healing, please take a look the earlier post, “Curses of Slavery Overview.” In that post I describe the beings and concepts that were part of the healing and might be unfamiliar to you. If you start there, you’ll find links to the earlier parts of the healing.

The most important point is that we can’t fight evil in the present. We need to go back and clean up the past so the evil we are in dissolves. As this healing shows, dealing with evil in the past rescues lost souls and removes the curses that cause our battles today. When we remove past curses with love, we heal without causing more harm.

25 August 2017
It’s been two days since the last report. I admit that the thought of a billion curses was more than I could handle. But I woke up in the middle of the night with a plan.

I put on my armor. I gather my allies. I remind myself not to touch the curses. I call energy and information to help me with the healing.

Tom: Rider, please take me back.
Rider: Yes, glad to do it.

And we are there.

I work with Heart Khuya to make clear connections with the beings I will meet tonight. I work with Voice Khuya to find the skill to write clearly for you. I work with Will Khuya to focus myself on what I need to do. And with all three I ask for the ability to make a change in myself, you, and the beings who can remove the curses.

I reach out to the beings of place now, in the past, and in the future. I work with Hoocha Eater Khuya to remove enough hoocha in the moments I speak with others so that I can be seen and heard clearly. With Lake Khuya I create the safest place that we able to create. No place is truly safe with this many curses. In the water of the lake, they move slower.

Tom: Woman, I’m back.
Woman: So I see.
Tom: I have a thought. I have an offer.
Woman: Yes?
Tom: I think I can get you off of this post. I think I can get you out of this world — to a better place.
Woman: You think that, do you?
Tom: Yeah. But I’m not sure you’re going to like what you have to do.
Woman: And what’s that?
Tom: You need to release all your curses.
Woman: What the hell are you talking about? I just let those bastards get away with what they did? They beat me! They made me a slave! I’m not forgetting that!
Tom: And then you stay here and they stay here. And it never ends? It just gets worse ’cause all the children start piling up here, too. It’s getting crowded.
Woman: And you think giving up my curses is better?
Tom: I don’t know. I’m just asking you to take a look.
Woman: A look?

I drift…

Woman: Hey, you were gone there for a moment. Where did you go?
Tom: I went into thinking about what I would do with this report I’m writing up. I’m writing about what we say and do.
Woman: Yeah, and what do you plan to do?
Tom: I’m going to let other people know about what we did. Then I’m going to ask them to help take out more of the curses. I was thinking about the person who taught me curse removal and wondered what she would think about my sending this out to the world.
Woman: What do you think she’s going to say?
Tom: I don’t really know.
Woman: So you’re saying that if I say yes, you’re going to write this whole thing down so other people will help me?
Tom: I’m writing while we’re talking. I’m hoping my team and I can help you right now. But there are millions more people who have been making curses. I think you’re one of the best, but they all need help, too. I can’t do it all.
Woman smiles.
Woman: Yeah that’s the truth. But I’m willing to see if you can help with this one.
Woman: What if you can’t? Do you just toss this thing you’re writing?
Tom: No, I’ll pass it around and see if someone else has ideas.
Woman: You promise?
Tom: Yeah, I promise.

And when I made that promise this whole thing got a lot more real.

Woman: So let’s do this. What are you going to do?
Tom: There are a couple of ways to go. I need to stop talking for a bit and gather my team to see what they have to say. Is that okay?
Woman: Yeah, sure, why not?

Rider says, ask for her wish. Daddy Death says, Yeah, I can welcome anyone who wants to come. Psychopomps say, we can guide, but you need to gather the whole soul first.

Holder Khuya: How do we remove the curses?
Tom: Woman has the power and the skill to take the energy and purpose out of hers. We can unpin those.
Holder Khuya: What about the curses that were sent back at her?
Tom: If her curses aren’t there, there isn’t anything coming back. All we have to do is change the past.

The Norns say, we can do that, but it will cost you some real brownies and real coffee. Lake Khuya says she can flow the River of Blessings through everything and make everyone’s job easier.

Tom: Who can gather the soul pieces for Woman? That looks like the hard part.
Soul Gatherers [shells]: That’s not going to be all that hard. Woman stored them safe in the stake.
Tom: She did?
Soul Gatherers: Looks like that to us. Ask her.

Tom [to Woman]: I’m not quite ready yet, but I have a question. All those soul pieces that got broken off when you got whipped and everything else… where are they?
Woman: What do you think?
Tom: I think they’re in that stake. I think they’re safe in that stake right where you put them.
Woman: How did you know that?
Tom: Because if we couldn’t figure that out, it wouldn’t make any sense to be here. God, that was a good plan. This is going to be a lot harder for all those folks who lost their soul pieces. I hope they’ll start coming back when things aren’t as scary.
Tom: Give me a few minutes more to go over the plan.

So we think about what has to happen. It’s not going to be he same for every person. The psychopomps can figure out where Woman wants to go, but they can’t take her there until the soul pieces are returned. We know where the soul pieces are, but that’s not safe until the curses are gone. We’ve got Woman’s curses that we can probably get rid of, but that’s not clear. When we can get rid of her curses, we need to do it in the past to get rid of the curses that came back at her. I think we start with her first curse. But the first curses in the chain, the one that brought Woman and the slave owners together, are way, way back in the past before her life, maybe in her bloodline and maybe in the history of her soul [her previous reincarnations]. We need to get to those, too.

I take a break in my world, to refocus. This is going to take some time. And back we go to the place of healing.

Tom: Okay, I think we’re ready to start this. I think you’re good enough at this that I want your help. I’ll probably need it to get through the unclear parts. Is that all right? [Note that most curse removals are done without the client’s participation.]
Woman: Oh, yeah, I think you will need my help. It surely will be easier than doing it all yourself.
Tom: So here’s where we start. I’d like to find the first curse you made.
Woman: I grew up making curses. That’s my power.
Tom: Yeah, it thought that might be how it was. So, help me out. We’ve got a billion curses that come from your beatings. Does it make sense to start with the first curse that came from those, or do we need to get back to the first curse when you were taken to be a slave.
Woman: Better start with the slave one.

Holder Khuya and I search for the curse.
[There are lots of ways to search for curses. And lots of ways to make them go away. This isn’t a lesson in how to do that. It’s just a description of how this work looked from the outside. Take a class from someone who teaches this well to learn what it is really like to do the work. If you try it from what you read here, you will get hurt.]

Tom: [To Holder Khuya] Oh, it’s someplace else. [To Woman] Can you point us to it?
Woman: Oh, yeah. [Pointing in soul reality] It’s right here.
Tom: [to Holder Khuya] It’s huge. Can you handle it?
Holder Khuya: Maybe.
Tom: Let’s get help. [to Light Tangler] Can you handle this?
Light Tangler: Yeah, I’ve got it.
Woman: What the hell is that thing?
Tom: A friend.
Woman: That’s quite a friend. If you’ve got friends like that, you might have a chance.
Tom: We’ll see. So, we have this first curse held. There are a lot of pieces to it. A whole lot of pieces. Can you take it apart?
Woman: Yeah.
Tom: Can we do more than that? Can we go back farther and undo the curses that you brought into making it?
Woman: Oh, I don’t know about that. There’s a lot of powerful magic there and I don’t know if I can handle all of it. I can’t handle all of it. It goes back to the very beginning.
Tom: Too bad. I like it when we can clean up ancestors and soul lines. But this looks like too much. It’ll give you something to do in your next life.
Woman: Yeah, maybe so.
Tom: All right. Let’s pull this one apart. You got taken as a slave. I don’t think we can change that since we’re not going farther back. Can you pull the energy out and dissolve the curse before it was set?
Woman: Yeah, tell your friend to open up a space into it for me to get in. Yeah, that’s good. I just open this part up and let this soul I captured out and it sort of falls apart. You got someone to clean up the dust?
Tom: Yeah, we recycle. Fertilizer for the Tree of Life.
Woman: Yeah, yeah, that’s good. Good place for it.
Tom: It looks to me like a lot of the curses that came after sort of go away. You’re not getting cursed back. But it looks like your curses are going away, too.
Woman: Yeah, that makes sense. I built them on the first curse. Let’s recycle them, too.
Tom: Done. I think that pretty much gets us to America. How are you feeling?
Woman: Better. You know, I feel better. I think some of my soul just came back. God, this is hard. This is pretty much going to wear me out. I feel good, but this is really hard.
Tom: Do you want to take a break?
Woman: Yeah, I think I do.
Tom: Yeah, me, too. Can we go on tomorrow?
Woman: Well, I’m not sure what tomorrow means in this place, but, yeah, you can come back in your tomorrow. I will be here. Got nowhere else to go. At least not yet.
Tom: Okay, see you then.
Woman: All right. Blessings on you.
Tom: On you, too.

Rider and I come back. I take off the armor, thank my friends, khuyas, and allies, and make sure we are all in safe places – at least as best we can in this world.

Later that night I realized I needed to run the River of Blessings through our work. So I did.


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One thought on “Curses of Slavery 2 — Notes about Healing America

  1. Kimberly O.

    This is wonderful. Are healing retreats offered? If so, where are you located? I’m currently in Colorado. While most of my career was as a Professor of Cross Cultural communication, I realized years ago that permanent changes occur at the spiritual level. Years ago I developed a spiritual healing curriculum geared towards African Americans. I look forward to learning more about this shamanic worth. Thank you for your service!