Curses of Slavery 3 — Notes about Healing America

This is part 3 of a healing I did. For more information about this kind of healing, please take a look the earlier post, “Curses of Slavery Overview.” In that post I describe the beings and concepts that were part of the healing and might be unfamiliar to you. If you start there, you’ll find links to the earlier parts of the healing.

The most important point is that we can’t fight evil in the present. We need to go back and clean up the past so the evil we are in dissolves. As this healing shows, dealing with evil in the past rescues lost souls and removes the curses that cause our battles today. When we remove past curses with love, we heal without causing more harm.

29 August 2017

Well, it took longer than “tomorrow” for me to be ready to work on this again. It’s four days later and I’m still not sure I’m ready. We’ll try.

I put on my armor, call my helpers, remind myself again not to touch anything. I am supported by psychopomps, Light Tangler, two sets of khuyas from my personal mesa and my healing mesa, apus, Daddy Death, the Norns, and Grandfather Rock. Others are looking on and will help if we need it. I take time to work with my ñawis.

In soul reality I am in the center of my circle, standing at my crossroads. Hoocha Eater Khuya removes the hoocha from the inside of the circle. I close the circle to the outside.

Tom: Rider, can we take this circle and place it around Woman?
Rider: Carry it with us? Use it as protection? Maybe. We can try. We stand at the center, at the crossroads. Woman stands at her crossroads. We make them the same crossroads.
Tom: I can’t make it work.
Rider: Neither can I.
Tom: The best I can do is to put them side by side. That’s not what we need. I guess we’ll just have to go to her.

Rider takes us there.

Woman: Was that you just now?
Tom: Yeah, I was trying to get us both in my circle, but it didn’t work. So we came here without it.
Woman: Do we need the circle?
Tom: I don’t know. It seemed like a good idea for working in a safer place. We’ll have to try without it.

Physical reality interrupts. I speak with my favorite person there. And then back to soul reality and Woman.

Tom: Are we both ready to try to release the curses you made in America?
Woman: I don’t know.
Tom: Neither do I. No, we need to do some cleaning up first. Hoocha Eater, please remove enough hoocha so we can see the really bad stuff, like the curses.
Hoocha Eater Khuya: This would be better in the circle.
Tom: I don’t know how to bring the circle around us here.
Hoocha Eater Khuya: I don’t either. I’ll do what I can and try to keep cleaning everything up.
Tom: Thanks.
Hoocha Eater Khuya: See that one. [Hoocha Eater Khuya clearing out an area] That feels like the center of everything to me.
Tom: Yeah, I see it.
Woman: That’s the curse I made for the first beating. There’s the one when I got raped the first time. That’s the one where they took my first baby. There’s one where one of my babies died.
Tom: I can see them. It looks like there are echoes of those all over the place, from each heartbeat and each breath.
Woman: I DON’T want to get rid of them. Those bastards deserved every on of them and more.
Tom: And you didn’t deserve any of it.
Woman: We talked about that. Once I started cursing them, I don’t know who deserved what any more. Show me what happens if we take that curse apart.
Tom: Which one?
Woman: [Pointing] That one. The one when they raped me.
Tom: Okay. I was thinking about starting with the curse after the beating.
Woman: No. That’s an important one. The rape wasn’t that big a deal. That happened to everyone. They made those beatings special, just for me.
Tom: Mmmm. Yeah, okay.

The usual way to remove a curse is to find the pieces and have one of the helpers pull the power out from each piece. We find fertility, virility, and several diseases. Rapes for females in the bloodline. Incest through the generations. The compassionate Angel of the Southern States removes the energy in each piece, one by one.

As each piece goes, the sorrow caused by that part of the curse rises up. We see the suffering caused by incest in family after family. Sorrow caused by rapes. Sorrow caused by questions about manhood. And all the rest. One by one.

Woman: [in sadness, disbelief] I did all that!
Angel of the Southern States: You weren’t the only one. Not by a long shot. There’s others that did worse.
Woman: I don’t even want to know.

Angel of the Southern States: Last moment. Do I take it apart forever?
Woman: Yes. Take it apart.
Angel of the Southern States: Done.

It’s gone. Gone too are the echoes. It’s like a huge mass of energy fades away. Between the great curses there are many tiny specks of cursing. When the great curse is gone, the specks that reflected it disappear, too.

Tom: Are the little ones really gone?
Angel of the Southern States: Yes. They went away when the great curse stopped powering them.
Woman: Yeah, they’re all gone. It’s a burden lifted from me. Maybe it was all right to curse the ones who raped me. I’m not saying it was, but I think maybe. It was just not right, not right at all, to curse the ones who came after. I wasn’t their doing at all. And that’s where all the harm came from. I’m sorry and I don’t even know who to ask to forgive me.
Angel of the Southern States: It’s all right. It’s all right. Every one of those souls you cursed felt the curse lift. It helped a little bit. When all the rest of the curses from all the people who made them go away, they’ll be able to forgive. Most of them anyway. When they ask you to forgive them…
Woman: Maybe I will.
Angel of the Southern States: That’s how they feel, too. We’ve got a long way to go.

Tom: Thank you, Angel. Thank you, Woman. Let’s clean out the debris and hoocha.
Hoocha Eater Khuya: I’m on it.
Tom: I call on the River of Blessings to flow through here and all of the soul fields that held these curses. Go through the past and present and into the future. Please wash away the sorrow as best you can and let us find joy in making the world better and wisdom from what we’ve learned.
Woman: Amen.

I take a break in my home. And go back.

Tom: I see at least three more huge curses. Do we work on them now?
Woman: Let’s try one more, at least. Let’s do the one where my baby died.
Tom: You’re crying. I don’t see you crying any more. It looks like you want everyone else to be crying, too.
Woman: I’m all cried out now. But it was different then. I wanted them all to know what it was like to lose someone. To lose their baby.
Woman: Those White folks didn’t care about a Black baby. One of them said to me not to worry, there’s always more babies. She was trying to be kind, I knew that. But I cursed her anyway. She had lots of babies and they all died as babies except one boy.
Woman: I cursed them all. Every White person I saw. I cursed them that their baby would die. Some died. Many lived. But then there came this madness. They went to war to keep their slaves. So many, many babies, well they were young men then… So many of them died.
Woman: I surely don’t think I made that war all by myself. Not by myself. There were all of the slaves who lost their children working on the same thing. Escape from the master. Bringing the master down.
Tom: In my time it goes back and forth. Whites try to keep Blacks down. Blacks and other people with darker skin get some of their rights back, but they lose them again. It’s still not solved.
Woman: I’m sorry to hear that.
Tom: A lot of it is physical stuff like beatings, but both sides seem like they have ways to curse each other, too. I think it’s still echoes of the slave trade and what came before that, too. It’s way more than I can do by myself. But we can work on your curses about losing your baby, if you want.
Woman: Yeah, let’s do that.

We look at the curse, and it is just filled with the River of Sorrow. The curse pours the River of Sorrow on whoever was cursed, for all the person’s lives. It’s like a huge rainstorm with the rain falling so hard that you can’t see anything but the dark rain. If there is a blessing out there, there’s no way you could find it. All you can see is sorrow.

Lake Khuya: Remember the old saying, if you don’t want to get wet from the rain, jump in the river.
Tom: Yeah, that’s a good idea if you’re not too wounded or scared to jump.
Lake Khuya: I can send the River of Blessings around them.
Tom: We’ll do that, but I think we need to get rid of the curse first. All that sorrow falling into the River of Blessings can’t do it any good.
Lake Khuya: Okay. I’ll be ready when you’re done with the curse.

Tom: We need to find someone who can pull the energy from the River of Sorrow out of the curse. I don’t know who that is. Let’s think about that.

Woman: That will have to be me. I’m not crying any more because all my crying went into the river and all that river went into the curse. If I take the river out of the curse. I get back all my tears. I don’t know that I want them, but it’s the only thing that will work.
Woman: No, I can do it. I need to cry for my baby. I never did that. I need to do it to heal.

Woman reaches into her curse and pulls a plug. The River of Sorrow stops running into the curse and then it pours down on her. She cries for her baby. But it’s not like the curse when it happens to her because it does stop. We live in a world where we lose things all the time. Being able to cry for a loss and let it go is a blessing. We can see that when the River of Sorrow isn’t blinding us. She can see that now.

Throughout the reach of the curse others become less blind. There is one fewer River of Sorrow pouring down on them. As I ask, the River of Blessings flows through the places that were cursed. Some can see blessings and combine them with sorrows to find wisdom. Most can’t. There’s still a lot to do.

Tom: I’m exhausted. Can we continue tomorrow?
Woman: I need to grieve for my baby. When I’ve done that, we can go on.

Rider and I return. Thanks to all who helped and those who witnessed — including the people who read this report. You are witnesses, too. We feel your support as we work.

Armor off. Energy stored. Back to home.


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