Structure of the Soul

This time I thought I would give a brief outline of how souls are structured. If I’m going to explain why I think we have souls, it’s probably a good idea to let you know what I think a soul is.

My experience is that our souls have seven aspects. Each performs a specific kind of task. The names I currently use for the aspects are Form, Mind, Voice, Heart, Will, Desire, and Energy.

Form gathers information from outside of the soul. In many practices it is a name for our connection with the upper world. It’s the part we use when we are trying to understand our Creator or to do creating ourselves.

Energy gathers energy from outside the soul. I sometimes think of it as a connection to the lower world. It can also be our connection to Mother Earth in any of her many guises.

Mind, Voice, Heart, Will, and Desire are usually experienced in the head, throat, heart, belly, and lower abdomen. Mind and Voice deal more with information than energy. Will and Desire deal more with energy. Heart is balanced.

Desire is what we want and paying attention to desire lets us stay true to ourselves. Will provides the directed force we need to accomplish things.

In the middle world Heart is how we connect cooperatively so we can work with other beings.

Communication expresses ideas and feelings. Mind sorts out possibilities. It solves problems for all of the other regions. For example, Mind is the part that has a “talk” with Desire when Desire is getting out of hand by looking for harmful experiences.

The I‑Am forms a container around Mind, Voice, Heart, Will, and Desire. It is what separates you from everything else. I think the I-Am is especially strong in beings with bodies.

There’s more detail in the soul discussion. You may have different ways of thinking about souls. My views keep changing, too. I’m hoping the We All Have Souls website will be a safe space for exploring the possibilities. Let all of us know what you think.

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