Curses through Many Lifetimes

When I remove curses or have curses on me removed, I find that many are from earlier lifetimes. A typical pattern is that one person gets cursed in one lifetime and then turns around and curses the cursor in the next lifetime. Another pattern is that one person curses another person over and over through many lifetimes.

These curses can bounce back and forth, pretty much forever, getting stronger each time. When curse removers step in to fix the problem, they enter a dangerous minefield of interwoven nastiness.

I think there are two flavors to curses. One is binding negative life force to a person to bring about something like, “You will never find a woman who will treat you well.” The other is possessing a person to take over his or her Will. In my next post, I’ll tell a story about a curse that had both parts. A crucial aspect of removing the curse was finding the beginning of the cycle of cursing.

In this post I want to prepare the ground by looking at four issues related to curses and their removal.

One issue is whether there really are curses. I think the objections usually come down to not believing we have souls. That topic is covered in other places, such as []. When we accept that souls are real, saying that they can be harmed follows pretty clearly. Since you are reading this, I expect that you can at least allow for the possibility of curses.

Second is the notion that when we die everything gets cleaned up. The belief is that our guides or angels or whatever take away all the pain and hurt caused by our life on earth. We are restored to clean, healthy souls. It seems like that would include taking away curses, too. But I think people who believe this are mistaken. When we do curse removal, we see curses going back and forth through lifetimes. If there is healing between physical lives, it doesn’t happen for everybody. The next two issues suggest why that might be. The idea that curses persist is important because I have found that removing a curse works best when you get back to its origin.

Third, there are issues of sovereignty. Evil beings do things to us, but only when we open ourselves to them by not standing in our sovereignty. Good beings (sometimes) do things for us when we ask them to. This idea of getting cleaned up at the end of a physical life would require our asking. Any being I want to associate with would also make sure I did my share of the work. Doing my share is how I stay sovereign. Perhaps we can remove curses between lives, but I bet it’s at least as hard as removing curses while we’re in our body. It may be harder.

Sovereignty is important in another way when we are doing healing work. Other healers usually say that the healing works best when each of us, with our spirit allies, does the healing work for our client. I think this may be a disservice to the spiritual growth of our clients. I suggest that you let the client be as full a partner in the process as you can. That way the client grows because of the experience. And the client understands his or her sovereignty better, too. There is less chance of being cursed or possessed again.

One more place where sovereignty shows up is in how we treat the beings who are doing the cursing. They are sovereign, too, which means we have no more right to harm them than they have to harm us or our client. It can make the encounter a more interesting challenge. In the next post I talk about the problems we had when I didn’t think of the possessing being as sovereign.

Fourth, I question the idea that there is anything in soul reality that is vastly superior to humans in removing curses. We have made a strange and wonderful physical reality. You can read about what this reality has taught us in We All Have Souls when the book comes out later this year. Cursing may not be possible in soul reality. The separation we experience in physical reality seems to be required for cursing. We may be the ones who understand it best.

Theory is wonderful, but it’s important that we apply what we know to make the world better. We’ll look at how these points make curse removal more effective in the next post.


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3 thoughts on “Curses through Many Lifetimes

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  2. Brk

    Any way to know if a person who says they found the source is secure in being able to remove it? Is money a way to capture and absorb the evil energy? Your thoughts?

  3. Tom Blaschko Post author

    The only way I know of deciding if a person is able to remove the curse is based on their reputation. In what I’ve seen money does not capture evil. It is appropriate to give some kind of compensation to the person who removes the curse. Money is one kind of compensation. That’s how you maintain a reciprocal relationship.