Curses, that depossession didn’t work – and why!

Depossessions and curse removals don’t always work. Sometimes they make things worse. I’m about to give you an example of one of those and some ideas about how to be more successful.

Last time [] I looked at some of the issues related to curse removal. This time I want to look at a specific case that required some work to help the cursing entity as well as the client. I think both need to be considered in cases like this one.

My client was a male friend, whom I will call Y. He had a rough childhood which included abuse from his mother and older sister, whom I will call X. When Y asked me for help, both his mother and sister had died. It was clear that they were still negatively affecting Y even though he had separated himself from them for many years.

My team of incarnate and spirit helpers found place for the mother to go that separated her from Y. X was more of a problem. In the end we managed to force her into a secure place which we imagined as a room with mirrors so she could see what she had done, but not get out to affect Y. It was a hard struggle and everyone was hurt, a little or a lot, by the end of it.

Those of you who have read my thoughts about compassionate depossession [] will probably be wondering what I thought I was doing. This depossession happened before I took the classes. If I had known then what learned in the classes, I would have done things differently. But what I found here goes beyond what I learned in the classes.

The depossession worked for Y. His family and friends (including me) noticed a significant positive change in him.

But Y likes to be in control of things. So several years later he was working on his own to gather soul pieces he had lost. He went into soul reality and called the souls of his father and mother to him. He told them how much they had hurt him and demanded that they return all of the soul pieces they had taken from him. Y says that his parents looked ashamed and returned some pieces. Y integrated them into his soul.

Then Y called X to him, out of the room of mirrors and demanded the same return of soul pieces. Y reports that X shuffled her feet, looked down at the ground, but eventually gave in to his demands that she return something. She did. Y saw it as a red orb. Then he took in what she gave him.

When he told me the story, I knew there would be trouble. What X gave Y was, as might be expected from X’s earlier history, at least a really powerful curse. It probably was a possession.

Y said that he spent days working to remove the curse. He got some of the hoocha out, but many of us who know him saw a negative change that left him even worse off than he had been before the first depossession. The curse was powerful enough that Y couldn’t see it well enough to even start to remove all of it.

Before we go on to the rest of the story let’s look at some lessons from this episode.

1. Have protections and a team of protectors in place. Don’t call back someone who has successfully possessed you in the past, especially don’t call anyone back when you are alone.

2. Respect others. Don’t try to take away the sovereignty of other beings, as Y did by demanding his parents and X to do what he ordered them to do.

3. Always ask if something you receive is for your highest and best good. Ask the person giving it to you. Ask your team of guides. Ask the object itself. Don’t integrate anything into yourself before you ask that question and get a clear, positive, “Yes!” from all sources.

In some recent work on removing curses, something Betsy Bergstrom [] teaches turned out to make a big difference. We need to go back to where the curse originated to do the curse removal. It could be in this lifetime, but it may be several (or many) lifetimes earlier. As Betsy says, eliminate the curse by taking the energy out of it before it is made. Then let energy from the Blessing Field flow through all of the results of the curse and clean them up.

After that work, I realized that the same idea applies to my original possession removal for Y. I went back to where X possessed Y in this lifetime, but there was a lot more that happened before. All of that needed to be cleaned up, too.

So I asked my guides what I could do. They have been clear ever since Y demanded soul pieces from his parents and X that I could not help him. I could make suggestions about who might be able to help, but I could not do the work myself.

Instead, my guides pointed out that I had a connection with X that I made a mess of. I could clean that connection up. From the Huna perspective of ho’oponopono, I had the obligation to clean it up. X became my client.

So my team offered to help X find a place where she would be happy – and away from Y. But we could not find a place. X’s uncertainty suggested that we were on the wrong path. So we went back a lot of lives until we found a time where she said, “That’s how I want to feel.”

It was a good place. Moments later she was attacked and the cycle of revenge reverberated through many generations. To the best of my understanding, Y cursed X first, long ago. This lifetime was just the latest in the ongoing battle back and forth, as can be seen from X possessing Y and from what Y did to X when he wanted to recover soul pieces from her.

We stopped the original attack and the Blessing Field washed away the evil and hoocha of revenge after revenge. X cut the cords that were holding her to the revenge cycle. She walked off to the place that the psychopomps suggested without the cords tying her to the bad stuff. That worked for all of us.

Here’s what we learned.

The psychopomps or their equivalents in curse removal can suggest a place to go. Feel how your client would feel in that place. Then go back far enough to find when your client last felt that way. Another way to say it is to go back to where your client is happy. It could be before Cain slew Abel or Zeus killed Cronus – you get to choose your origin story.

Find the moment of the change. It will be a possession, curse, or other wounding. Remove that moment. Change all of time from that moment to the present. My preference is to let the Blessing Field flow through the client’s history. Other models work, too. The important point is that you go back far enough to find the origin of the client’s concerns and clean up everything from then to the present.

The other really important concept we found it that you may need to offer healing to the being that was doing the harm. When I first removed X’s possession of Y, offering to help X would have made the process much more compassionate. Some possessing beings won’t want that. They are just lost and will be happy to find their home again. Other beings are possessing with a purpose in mind. Those are the ones who may need to be healed.

And, one final warning. Ask your spirit guides (and your sovereign self) if healing the possessing being is for your highest and best good. Pay attention to the answers you get.


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