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We All Have Souls and I Think We Can Prove It

As you may have noticed, I took a break from writing for a while. It wasn’t planned, but other parts of my work seemed like they needed to be done instead. I’m back.

This time I have a couple of announcements and a quick request. My intention for next time is to start a series of posts on connection. I want to look at connection from the perspectives of martial arts, Inca medicine work, and the Sidhe.

The first announcement is that We All Have Souls and I Think We Can Prove It is available. By the end of next week, I’ll send a signed copy to all of you who read the earlier draft of the book and made comments. Thank you for helping out. There’s something of each of you in the book now.

Others can get a signed copy by going to the We All Have Souls website [http://weallhavesouls.com] and clicking on the link there. It will take you to the Idyll Arbor site where you can order the book. If you want me to sign the book, please put a note in the comment section of the order form. You can order We All Have Souls through your favorite local bookstore (or Amazon, if you must). And please ask you local library to buy a copy, too. That will put the book in a place where it can call effectively to people who need it.

The second announcement is that I will be speaking at Fire in the Wind. The conference is put on by Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery Shamanic Society 7-11 May 2018 in Squamish, BC, Canada. You can read more about the conference here [https://circleofgreatmystery.org/2018-fire-in-the-wind/].

The talk is entitled “Soul at the Center of All Practice.” I will explain why I believe understanding more about our souls makes whatever we do more effective and why knowing about souls lets us more easily coordinate our practice with other groups who do soul-related work.

My request is also related to presentations. Please let me know about other places where I can give presentations like this one for practitioners. I have another one called “Angels, Shamans, and Soul-Mates — Oh My!” It’s an introduction to souls and a way to let people who have had soul-reality experiences know that what happened to them was real. And to talk about ways to explore more deeply.

If synchronicity works as it is able to, you just heard about an opportunity or will hear about one in the next couple of days. Please let me know. And I’ll add synchronicity to my list of topics related to connections. After recently looking at Robert Moss’s work, I realize that synchronicity is another important piece of evidence for soul reality. And paying attention to it is a way to live more fully.


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