Curses of Slavery 4 — Notes about Healing America

This is part 4 of a healing I did. For more information about this kind of healing, please take a look the earlier post, “Curses of Slavery Overview.” In that post I describe the beings and concepts that were part of the healing and might be unfamiliar to you. If you start there, you’ll find links to the earlier parts of the healing.

The most important point is that we can’t fight evil in the present. We need to go back and clean up the past so the evil we are in dissolves. As this healing shows, dealing with evil in the past rescues lost souls and removes the curses that cause our battles today. When we remove past curses with love, we heal without causing more harm.

30 August 2017

Today before I start working with my khuyas, I ask for an Angel from the upper world to help with this curse removal. I usually don’t ask the names of angels from the upper world who help me. Having names seems to bring a lot of expectations for what the angel will do. Sometimes it’s enough to accept the help that is offered in the highest and best good of everyone who is part of the work. And then be able to handle surprises.

There are always surprises.

[Last time was different because I named the Angel of the Southern States. This is an angel who oversees a part of the world we live in. We understand that region and so knowing that this is the angel who oversees it helps us understand what is happening.]

The Angel from the upper world outfits me in a suit of armor. It’s a more protective version of the Cloak of the Angels. There are armored pants. And this time the Angel gives me a pair of gauntlets. If I use them carefully, the Angel says I may be the one to reach into the curse and remove a piece of its power. I remind myself to be careful.

I greet my allies. My khuyas and I get ready to work together. Daddy Death warns me that we are taking some of the rage from Daddy Down-There. He is not happy about that. We need to take care to keep him out of the space we are working in. Especially today.

Tom: Rider, are we ready?
Rider: Do you want to try to carry the circle to Woman?
Tom: Let’s try.

We stand in the center of the circle, with the stones around us. It feels like we can pick it up and carry it above where Woman is. Then we set it down with the circle of stones surrounding the post she is chained to. The circle settles into its place there and reaches above and below to the upper and lower worlds to bring in their information and energy. It feels like I can be both where Woman is and in my safe place at home.

Woman: Is this your circle
Tom: Yeah, bringing it worked this time.
Woman: That might have been because of me.

Walls that I didn’t even realize were there were gone from around Woman. I can see a little into her soul. I see her holding the baby she lost.

Woman: I’m not the same.
Tom: I can see that. It could have been you [that stopped us before].

Woman: Okay. I’m ready to work on the next one. I want to work on being beaten.
Rider: We need to go somewhere else to work on that one.
Tom: What? Why?
Rider: This is the place it happened. In soul space, I mean. We need to look at it from outside.
Woman: Yeah, I get that. All I can see here is the cane hitting me. It never stops. I never forget. And it’s just the cane. It’s not the people who did it. I think that’s their curse on me — on all of us. For most of us, all we see is the cane. Do you understand that?
Tom: Can you show me?
Woman: I’ll try.

What I see is a cane — not large, maybe 2-3 feet long, thin and whippy. And it hits and it hits and is hits and it never stops. Never stops. Maybe there’s a ghost of a man or sometimes a ghost of a woman behind it, but the ghosts fade in and out. One taking the place of the one before. And the cane just keep hitting and hitting and it never stops. I say this to Woman and she says that I got it about right.

Woman: Sometimes they hit it harder and I know they’d like to break me. I cry. I scream. But I don’t break and sometimes that pretty near breaks them. That’s when I almost get to them They curse me with that cane and I curse that cane right back. But my curses, I’m not sure they have any meaning. That cane doesn’t care if it’s cursed. If it breaks, they just fetch another one. And it just goes on being the same cane forever and ever.
Tom: I get that. So, Rider, what do we need to do?
Rider: We need to go to a different crossroads.
Woman: I can’t do that. I’m chained to this crossroads right here. This post is where I have to stay.
Rider: We brought another crossroads with us. Seems like that was a good thing.
Woman: Seems like it was.
Rider: So, if you’ll move your feet a little shuffle back and to the left, I believe you can change crossroads.
Woman moves
Rider: Yes, just like that.

And Woman is now in our crossroads, but the cane is still in the crossroads of the whipping post. We can see clearly the men and women using the cane.

Woman: I could curse them now. I could give them back all that pain.
Tom: You could, but look closely. They’re already cursed. They can’t stop using that cane. Even the kind ones, they can’t stop using that cane. It’s still going on in the world I come from. They’re still wishing they could use that cane. And they keep locking up the men because that’s what they can do. But what they really want to do is use that cane and make all the people who aren’t White hurting and scared.
Woman: So this isn’t my curse. What do we do?
Tom: I don’t know. Rider just got us to a place we could see what is going on. Thanks, Rider. Let’s think about what we can do.

Angel: We start by taking the power out of the cane. That’s what I came along to tell you. The cane is the curse.
Angel: It takes a human hand to hold the cane. You can’t stop the cane without holding it. But when you hold the cane, it curses you. Then you have to use the cane. You can’t stop until someone takes it out of your hand. And by that time, you’re probably dead. Only a very few have put down the cane while they were alive and figured out the truth of the curse.
Tom: Do you want to say what that means in my world?
Angel: I can try. There are usually two sides. Somewhere else you called them Red and Blue. Now Red and Blue just don’t agree on how the world should be. But one of them picked up the cane and started beating the other. So they trade back and forth. Red beats on Blue but them Blue gets some power and grabs the cane. Then for a while Blue beats on Red. Neither one can put down the cane, Well, sometimes one does, but then the other one just picks it up and the beating starts again.
Angel: Did you even wonder why the first son of Eve was called Cain? He picked up the cane and beat on Abel. Then God picked up the cane and started beating on Cain. This goes back a long, long way.
Tom: So there’s really not much we can do?
Angel: No, I’m not saying that. I’m not saying that at all. You’ve got the gauntlets on. So grab that cane.

I move to the other crossroads. Ho’oponopono can’t hurt. So I say to the person holding the cane:
Tom: I’m sorry that we have come together in this place and I need to take away that cane. I’m sorry that you will have to stop what you wish to do. I love you and am doing this for your highest and best good, imperfectly as I may understand it. Please forgive me.

As I take the cane, I say, “Thank you.”
Stick Holder: [to Tom] Thank you. Oh my God, thank you. That wasn’t me doing that. But it was, wasn’t it? [to Woman] I’m sorry. I never really saw you. It was just something I needed to do.
Woman: I never saw you either. It was that cane. I forgive you.

Tom: Okay, that’s all great, but I’ve got this cane and it wants to do some serious beating. What do I do now?
Angel: Just set it down.
Tom: But someone will just pick it up again.
Angel: That’s right. Someone will. But it won’t be anyone here. Right?
Woman: Not me.
Stick Holder: Not me either.
Angel: So the curse of the cane is lifted from both of you. That’s about all we can do here — forgive each other for being caught up in a curse.
Angel: Woman, do you still need your post? Are you sill chained?
Woman: No. No, I’m not. The chains are gone. But the soul pieces are still trapped in the post.
Angel: So you stay here and take care of them. But now it’s your choice. Hold them close if you can. Mostly it’s safe here now. I’ll make it safer by moving the cane somewhere else. Blessings on you all. That was good work that we did.

I’ll ask the Angel later about what we need to do when we find the cane and report on that when I find out.

Woman: You look about done in for tonight. I know I have a lot to work through before I’ll be ready to do something else.
Tom: Yeah, I’m about through for now, too. Do you need to stay in my circle, or can I move it back home?
Woman: You can take it back home and put it in your safe place. I’ll be waiting for you here.

Rider and I pick up the circle and return it to home — where, of course, it’s been all along. I store the gauntlets and the armor. Let go of other protections. Thank all the witnesses and helpers. They, and you, are the connections that hold me safe when I do this work. We hold each other safe as we move through the worlds.

And clean up each our messes as best we can. I finish by asking Hoocha Eater Khuya to remove any hoocha from the circle and as much else as he can.


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