Curses of Slavery 5 — Notes about Healing America

This is part 5 of a healing I did. For more information about this kind of healing, please take a look the earlier post, “Curses of Slavery Overview.” In that post I describe the beings and concepts that were part of the healing and might be unfamiliar to you. If you start there, you’ll find links to the earlier parts of the healing.

The most important point is that we can’t fight evil in the present. We need to go back and clean up the past so the evil we are in dissolves. As this healing shows, dealing with evil in the past rescues lost souls and removes the curses that cause our battles today. When we remove past curses with love, we heal without causing more harm.

31 August 2017

Before I even sat down I was getting messages from Woman. We’ll go through them again as we talk to make sure of what I heard.

I put on my angel protections, even though I don’t think I’ll need them. I call my allies, especially Light Tangler, the psychopomps, and the Norns. They are here with me as I get ready to go back to Woman.

Tom: Rider, are we ready?
Rider: Seems that way. The call is really loud tonight.
Tom: Do you think we need the circle?
Rider: I don’t think so. We can come back and get it if we do.
Tom: Yeah, this all seems pretty clear tonight.

So we ride to Woman.

Woman: You’re here! I’m ready to go.
Tom: You mean on to your next place?
Woman: Yeah, I’m ready to go on.
Tom: I’ve been hearing you call, so I think I know what happened. Will you take the time to tell me so the people reading this will know, too?
Woman: I owe them that. I caused a lot of harm and brought a lot of darkness into the world. I want to start with that ho’oponopono you talked about. I’m sorry for all my cursing. I hope you all will forgive me. Those who did me no harm, I love you. Those who did harm me, if you ask I will forgive you. And I’ll love you for growing enough to ask.
Woman: Before I tell the whole story, we’ve got one more curse to take away. I’m most sorry for this one. I truly hope to be forgiven. But it’s hard. I meant this as a blessing. I truly did. And it turned out to be the worst curse of all.
Woman: They took my son and sold him away from me. This hurt more than my baby dying. He was alive and he was somewhere, but the good Lord was not going to see fit to let me see him again. I’d never see him in this life. It happened to every single one of the women I knew. I know some families stayed together, but so many more were torn apart. At least that’s how it looked where I lived.
Woman: That pain was more than I could bear. All those others, I could feel their pain, too. So I blessed us. Well, I thought I blessed us. I called down a cloak. It had a hood. And when I put on this cloak, I didn’t see my boy any more. And he couldn’t see me. When they took my boy away, I could still feel him in my heart. He was only seven. He could still feel me. It just hurt too much, too much. So I called down the cloak and we couldn’t feel each other any more. We forgot.
Woman: But we didn’t really forget about each other. That cloak cut away a piece of my soul and put it in the whipping post. My boy’s soul lost a piece and it’s in there, too. It was in there, too.
Woman: I got those pieces back. When the cane went away they felt safe to come back to me. I know you would have gotten them for me, but they just came flying back right after you left. They knew it was safe. I thank you so much for making it safe. And I thank you for taking away my curses — the ones I made and the ones that got laid on me.
Tom: It was a blessing to have the chance.
Woman: Now we have this one more thing to do because I took that “blessing” of a cloak and gave it to everyone who had a son or daughter sold, both the mother and the child. And I said, “Any time a child is lost, let this cloak take away the memory and take away the pain.” That was so wrong. You know why, don’t you?
Tom: Yeah, I know why. Because there are all kinds of “lost.” And with so many kinds, it just takes a little searching to find each other again. But when that cloak comes down, they can’t even remember what they want to look for.
Woman: That’s right. Families broke up. I can see it in your time. It’s so hard for them to find each other again. Can we take away that thing, that cloak? Even when it hurts, we’ve got to go looking for our children to keep them safe.
Tom: I think we can make it better. I don’t think you were the only one who did that kind of work to let mothers forget, but we can make it better for a lot of people.
Tom: We need to decide where to start. I’m thinking Norns or curse removal.
Norns: The curse first. It will get in the way of our reweaving.
Tom: So we work on the curse first.
Tom: Holder, can you find this one?
Holder Khuya: It’s right there. There’s the first and you can see the rest kind of lined up behind it like a row of dominos. Maybe images reflected in a pair of mirrors facing one another.
Tom: I see it.
Tom: I think the soul pieces are wrapped up in the cloak. Is it a shroud, like a burial cloth for the parts of the soul that connect us?
Woman: Yeah, a shroud! That’s what it is!
Tom: Then I think all we need to do is unwrap the shroud and the soul pieces can go back to where they belong.
Norns: No, that’s not going to work. The blessing is still making more shrouds. Those new shrouds will just catch the soul pieces again. You need to start by stopping the blessing from happening.
Tom: So we need to get to the other end of the shrouds, where they are being made.
Holder Khuya: I can get us there.
Tom: I see the cloth getting formed and wrapped. Woman, where is the power coming from? It doesn’t seem like it’s you.
Woman: No, I took the power from the ones doing the selling.
Tom: How did you do that?
Woman: In their hearts, there is a part that knows it’s doing wrong. It knows it’s not all right to sell someone or hold them slave. It knows God made us all. The devil can make us forget, but not all the way. That part wants to do good, so every time someone does bad that good part tries to make it better. I called to that part and said please help them forget. Oh, Lord, that was a curse, too. It made the ones doing the selling think we don’t care about our children.
Woman: We’ve got to stop that, too.
Woman: How do we do this?
Tom: Holder, show me that spot again.
Tom: I have a couple of ideas. Let’s start with the safest one. Woman, you asked the good part in the sellers to do something. I think all you need to do is tell them it’s time to stop.
Woman: That’s all?
Tom: I think so.
Woman: Well. I’ll give it a try.
Woman: Sellers of souls, I asked you to ease the pain of those you took from and those you sold. I asked you to keep them together instead. [aside] I remember I did ask that. [end aside] Now I ask you to stop. I ask you to let those souls alone and living their own lives, as best they can. Leave them to remember and weep and search just as they wish. Let them know they miss each other and decide for themselves what they need to do.
Woman: How’s that?
Tom: Holder, can you show me the spot again?
Holder Khuya: It’s here.
Tom: I see soul pieces still coming there, but they’re not getting wrapped up. Woman, did you ask the soul pieces to go to this spot?
Woman: Yes, I did do that. I made a place for souls that had been torn apart to go.
Tom: I think we need to take that away.
Woman: I can see them going there. Let me think how I asked. Maybe this will work.
[We worked through the rhymes together and came up with what Woman spoke.]
Woman: For grief felt at parting, I made a new place. With parting forgotten and no memory of pain. I see now that sorrows cannot be erased. The place now is gone. It calls to no one. And hurt parts can stay in their own soul again.
Holder: That did it.
Tom: Norns, is it time to ask you for help yet?
Norns: Almost. First open the shrouds.
Woman: I can do that. The single thread that binds them all, I take it away, and each shroud opens to free the soul it holds.
Norns: Now it’s our turn. Those soul pieces can’t all find their way back. So many souls have moved on. There are too many memories for us to reweave all the soul pieces back together — too much wisdom would be lost without those sorrows. But we can do this. Each shroud will have unwrapped at the moment of each person’s death. And the soul pieces of the dying one will return to its soul. That we can do and the soul can move on to its next life more nearly whole.
Tom: That means the person will be different in the next life. Will that cause too many changes, too?
Norns: It will make some lives easier, but how many times do you need to learn not to tear families apart? But you may be right. Here, we’ll do this instead: At the end of the soul’s last [most recent] passing from the earth, all the soul pieces in the shrouds will be returned. The past will stay the same and only the future will be better.
Norns: And you owe us each two more brownies. One for our work and one for being a smartass.
Tom: Totally fair. It will be done.

Woman: And now I’m ready to go.
Tom: Psychopomps, I ask you to guide Woman to the place that is best for her.
Woman: No need for them to do that. I already know. I want to go where my son is. He’s been waiting for me for a long time.
Tom: Because that’s what the Norns do. He got his soul piece back when he died and he remembered you.
Woman: Exactly right. And that’s where I want to go.

We witness the psychopomps open a doorway to a place where Daddy Death waits to take Woman’s hand. She steps through. We see her hug her son. They wave to us. The doorway closes, disappears, and she is gone.

I thank all my allies. Rider and I return to my home. I take off my armor, which I didn’t need this time.

Lying down to rest, I ask:
Tom: Rider, what happened to the post?
Rider: I don’t know. Let’s go look.

The cane is missing, but the post is a beacon of light on the road to redemption. And I start to plan how to get this story to you.


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