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I-Am (revised)

Thanks to a blinding flashlight of inspiration — that’s what lets us poke around in the dark long enough to find something worthwhile, as long as the energy lasts and we don’t shine it in our own eyes — I realized that I needed to change my ideas about the I-Am part of the soul. I’ve resisted it for a long time — that’s the light in the eyes part — but I finally realized that I needed something like subtle bodies in my model.

In another bit of inspiration, perhaps a static electricity spark’s worth, I changed the name of the top region of the soul from Form to Info. Now the name matches better with the idea that the real blinding flashes of inspiration come from the upper region of the world, which I think of as mostly information.

With that, here are my current thoughts on the I-Am part of the soul. Continue reading and add your comment

When We Die, Are We Healed?

Many people who work with souls believe that when we die our souls become whole again. All the soul pieces that we lost return to make us whole.

I have a report from Dana Smith where she talks about one time when parts did return. She and some other beings were watching a soul ascend to the light. Just as the soul was about to pass through the boundary between this world and the next, the process stopped. The entities helping the soul to move on told the people watching to go back down and check on the body.

Dana and the other beings did that. As they watched, soul parts began arriving on the bed. They were dressed in old-fashioned travel outfits and looked eager to make their journey. Continue reading and add your comment