Blending Soul Regions

When we look at how our soul regions blend together, it helps explain who we are. While it’s not always true, the cooperation is often in regions that are next to one another. I think it’s similar to the way colors in a rainbow change smoothly from one primary color to the next. For example, between blue and green we can see many types of blue-green. Let’s take a look at pairs of regions to show how this works in souls.

When Energy and Wish regions work together we see a person with a lot of energy to devote to a cause. The energy may be positive or negative. The cause may be healing or harmful. If the cause is getting enough food to eat, we can expect the person to use any energy that is there. Others may be hurt. If the cause is helping others, there is a better chance that the life force will be positive. I think we don’t see this kind of directed energy very often. We’re clear about wishes that are related to what our body needs. We are not as good at finding the soul wishes that we bring here from before we are born. They seem to get lost, as I described in my previous post.

When we look at the blend of Wish and Will, we see want. This is a combination of something we hope to get with the life force to get it. I’m using want to describe something a person is ready to act on. Both the wish and the knowledge of how to act need to be present for the person to act.

When Will and Heart blend, we get something that looks like teamwork or group spirit. The Will provides the focused life force to accomplish something. The Heart gives us the connection to do it with others.

Voice doesn’t seem to have a lot to do when it isn’t blended. Usually it blends with Heart and Mind at the same time. If it’s mostly Voice and Heart, we are expressing emotions. If it’s Voice and Mind, the blend is trying to help someone else understand an idea. It’s usually all three together. Mind clarifies what is said and Heart makes sure the message is presented so the other person can hear it.

Mind and Form combine for inspiration. If complete understanding is anywhere, it is in Form. Mind is the part of it we can hold. When the Mind and Form blend, there is a moment when we feel a real depth of comprehension. Sometimes our Mind grows enough to hold a lot of what we have discovered. Other times most of it is lost. It’s the reason we should all write down our good ideas when we have them. I may seem like we will remember them forever. That’s what inspiration feels like. If we record them, it’s easier to get back to the inspiration point.

There are many other ways that soul regions blend. It’s not all that important to name and describe all of them. In fact, it’s probably a way to make everything more confusing. What you should remember is that the soul regions do not have rigid tasks. It’s important to look at how the regions blend together when we are trying to figure out what is going on in a person’s soul.


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